Vintage French Pastry Table


Today I'm sharing my recent antique mall find. Many of you who have been following me know I was using an old small butcher block in the center of my kitchen, but I really wasn't loving it and it wasn't quite large enough to really use as more work space. I removed it several months ago, but thought maybe I would come across something else some day. Then while shopping last week I came across that something else and it's perfect.

Here is my vintage French pastry table.

After I found it I measured it at the store and came home and taped out the size of it on the floor to make sure it would work. I walked around the taped area as if the table was actually there to see if I would get tired of going around it. After doing that for a day I figured it was fine and we went back to pick it up.

I love the marble top and all the imperfections of the base. The base is cast iron and quite heavy.

I looked up other small pastry tables on line and found many to be quite expensive so I knew the price of this one was quite good and Mr. Savvy was willing to get it for my upcoming birthday.
Of course I had to style the top with a bit of fall decor.

This is not sponsored, but this candle smells really good without being overpowering. I have bought several candles from Antique Candle Co. and they are all good.

Some one or maybe several people have painted the base over the years and it's chipping away, I love the blue color that is showing.

If I can't have a real French farmhouse kitchen then I will just add things to this kitchen to make it feel a bit like one.

Now, I just need to clear it off so I can use it and no, not for making pastries.

Hope y'all have a great week!

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  1. Do you read Parisienne Farmgirl's blog. Her family bought a house built in 1980 in Door County, Wisconsin, and they are turning back the clock on it to make it into an old French farmhouse. It's a slow process because they have six children; she home schools them; bakes and cooks everything from scratch; and she has a huge garden. She also has a Youtube channel. I have enjoyed watching their progress. She gets a whole lot more out of a 24 hour day than most people. Her house is somewhat rustic, but enjoyable. You might like her.

  2. It is beautiful and looks amazing in your kitchen! Great find....

  3. Hi Kim! I love, love, love that find! laura

  4. I love it and it looks like the perfect size! Years ago Victoria magazine showed one in someone's home and I have never forgotten it. Enjoy!

  5. It’s perfect! It looks like it’s just the right size for the area. I love your kitchen, every time I think it’s perfect you switch it up and I love it more.

  6. I am SO glad you went back and bought pastry table! I love it just the way it is. It looks great in your kitchen. I sold one 3 months ago that was longer because hubby said it was too cluttered....😥

  7. Oh I love it and see why you wanted it in your kitchen, looks perfect chippy and all
    I keep looking for one myself

  8. Looks great Kim. Gives lots of character to your kitchen. I love the worn patina on it too. I also lover those same candles. I buy them at a shop near me and they all smell great. Have a great week.

  9. I love it Kim! I would love to stumble across one of those!

  10. Oh, I would make pastries! Fantastic find and looks right at home in your kitchen. Meant to be!

  11. I knew you would go back for that beautiful table! Our taste is the same and I would have snatched that up as well! So sweet! Great find Kim!

  12. It’s reminiscent of a vintage hospital tray table.

  13. Oh Kim! It looks marvelous in your kitchen! I will have to check out those candles.

  14. Love your it all.


  15. Super cute. Love it, Kim. My friend uses one for a bd side desk.