Country Living Fair Atlanta 2019


Did y'all have a good weekend? It was supposed to rain all weekend, but thank goodness it didn't. Friday was overcast, but not raining so the mister and I went to the Country Living Fair after he got home around noon.
I attend every year and sometimes I go all three days and sometimes only one like this year. The fair didn't seem to be as good as the past fairs. Maybe because rain was expected for all three days so the vendors didn't decorate their outer spaces as creatively as they have in the past. Also some of the past vendors weren't present this year. 
 It was still fun just to go, eat lunch with the swarming yellow jackets, walk the trails and view the wares. And y'all won't believe this, but I didn't even buy anything this year. 
There was one of those vintage European horses I long for, but it was already sold. If only I had gotten there earlier. It was white with missing ears and the saddle was worn to the horse hair. Oh, it was so perfect and I asked the vendor what it went for and it was very reasonable. So if that had not been sold it would have been mine. I need to go to Roundtop some day because they sell there, too.

Here are some photos I snapped with my phone and thank goodness it didn't start raining until we left.

First thing we did was eat lunch as the hubs had not had breakfast. While we were eating I noticed this super cute trailer turned coffee shop.

This is one of the food areas.

So many pretty displays. I like gathering ideas when attending these.

I really loved this mirror and even contemplated getting it until I took a closer look. The vendor said it was vintage from France, but I could tell the glass was new and the back was new. I even asked her about it and she said she has an importer who finds these things for her and she didn't know if the mirror was original or not. I like vintage mirrors to have the original spotty antiqued glass and the backs are normally old and worn with maybe a rusty hanging wire. This one was all new. Maybe the frame was old, but not the whole thing and I'm not paying $595 for just an old frame. I did love the size and shape of it.

I thought this was a pretty arrangement using bronze birds and succulents. 

Oh, be still my heart! Loved this raw wood armoire with all the carvings and hubby just rolled his eyes!

I'm drawn to old original signs, but this one was out of my budget.

There were several booths carrying holiday goodies.

Let me tell you this little one had quite a crowd gathering around her. She was sitting in this vintage toy on the outside of a booth. She was so adorable!

You'll see a lot of serious shoppers pulling their wagons.

Caribou anyone?
Actually there were quite a few animal heads there this year.

Well, that's it for another year at the Country Living Fair.

On Saturday we drove through the NC mountains and the leaves are beautiful this year. I didn't take any pictures though because it was so dark and cloudy.
Then Sunday we got up to perfectly clear skies and  the hight was only 72. The perfect day to get some yard work done. I shared some photos in my stories on instagram.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week!


  1. What fun! How nice that you were able to go and I am glad the rain held out for you. Our Saturday was nice but it rained here on Sunday. Have a great week!

  2. I always say I am going to that fair but I always have some other plans. We are enjoying the pretty fall colors this year in the mountains of NC.

  3. We are just back from 8 days on the road. Well not all on the road LOL! We spent 5 days on the Gulf but took our time driving down and back so we could take advantage of antiquing! I wanted to tell you we stopped at your mall in Alpharetta! Loved it! It's a bit bigger (overwhelming) than what I prefer, but I think I got through the whole place. We were just miles from Fairhope so of course we had to go back there and also the little town of Foley. I don't know how ya'll stand the traffic near Atlanta! We didn't even go into Atlanta, but the traffic was AWFUL. We spent the night in Newnan. This country girl was on edge LOL! We don't even have an interstate coming through our little town, although of course we do in the bigger city near us. I'd never make it in a big city! Back to the real world today! Have a great week.

    1. Yes, horrible traffic around here. Thank goodness hubby works close by and not in Atlanta.

  4. Kim,
    The Country Living Fair looks a lot like a mini-Roundtop. We went to Roundtop about five years ago and it was something else. Its not one show and done it actually runs for about two weeks and is a combination of lots of shows around the area. However, the Maraburger show is the most popular and in my opinion the best.

    P.S. That was a vintage 40's childs stroller that darling little girl is sitting in. My Mother used to push her little brother in one back just like it back in the day!

  5. The fair looked nice and I am glad the rain held off for you to go. I love that old vintage decorating sign how cool. There were so many things you showed I loved. Glad you had a great time.

  6. Hey, way up here in upstate NY, which is more country and along the Appalachian Trail, Finger Lakes, Cooperstown, on up along Rte 20 to Bouckville, another great antique, treasure seeking area...used to be the biggest collectible, antique August festival in the North East, but definitely smaller and less pretty and exciting than previous years. Country Living comes to the Hudson River area in June and I couldn't go, but heard also disappointing. Wondering why?

  7. The baby in the old stroller...That was our strolled many, many years ago. My sister-in-law & brother found (& bought) one like it...with the handle & footplate. It's adorable.

  8. what!!! you left with nothing :) I don't believe it.

  9. This looks like fun Kim! That sign...sigh!! I understand, I keep telling myself I don't need any more stuff! If I don't have a place for it I don't buy it!

  10. Kim,
    That raw French armoire stole my heart. I would love to have it! Everyone else noticed the vintage stroller that sweet little girl was sitting in. I noticed the wood croquet mallets behind her. I would love to find an old wooden croquet set. The new ones are plastic.