French Country Style Fall Kitchen


October has arrived with temps still in the nineties here in the south, but cooler weather arrives this weekend and I can't wait. It's hard sprinkling fall around the house when it's so hot. I have not even bought any large pumpkins or mums yet. Usually I go to the pumpkin farm in September, but I'm waiting for it to feel like fall before I can walk around and choose pumpkins.
We were on a car lot all day yesterday and I was soaked from sweating.
Oh, and yes, I bought a new car. 😀

Today I'm sharing my French country style fall kitchen.
 I have added some simple fall additions using things found in nature like fruit, gourds, and dried florals.

I filled my large vintage tian bowl with apples and gourds.

More apples were added to the ironstone tureen and some dried florals were tucked in the vintage French stone pottery jug.

I added faux olive branches to a petite black urn.

I found these mini poppy dried pods at a local antique mall and added them to an irontone pitcher.

Everyone asks where my barstools are from and you can find them at Ballard Designs, but I lucked up and found mine at the Ballard's outlet store a couple of years ago.

 I added this vintage grocery basket filled with apples and gourds to the top of the vintage stool.

Oh, and pears. I forgot I used pears, too. 

Happy October!


  1. So pretty for fall! I hope the weather cools down for you soon. It's supposed to be 90 in NJ today...insane. And worse yet, our downstairs air conditioning broke and isn't due to be replaced until Friday...ugh. Needless to say, I won't be putting any pumpkins outside to rot. It's hard to get moving with the fall decor when it's so hot!! Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Kim,
    Our weather has been pretty crazy too. 90's the last week and now today rain and only 56 so it is crazy. I hope yours begins to cool down and you can enjoy fall in Georgia. Love your pretty decor for fall.

  3. It is still hot here in Arkansas, too. Waiting for cooler weather to do our outside, too. Just too hot to even think about it. Love your kitchen, especially the fact that you have white appliances! I have to tell you I have always loved white in a kitchen. So easy to add and change colors to fit the season or holiday.

  4. I like the relaxed, natural look for Fall. Good for you!

  5. Kim, beautiful! I love the French table you added. We are supposed to get some cooler weather this weekend! Hope you do, too.