More Bedrooms at the Southern Living Idea House


I hope you've enjoyed touring the Southern Living Idea House. I shared the first part here and part two here. I just couldn't fit it all into one post as there was so much to take pictures of.
Today is the last post and it's all about the last two beautiful bedrooms. 

This is the view coming into this guest bedroom. 

I loved this cozy seating area across from the twin beds.

I love twin beds and these were unique with their custom canopies and headboards.

Here is a close up of the bedding.

This was a fun game area you walk through before going in the next bedroom.

It's another cozy coastal inspired room in blue, white and sand tones.
I love how the trim is painted blue.

There's that view.

This is the ensuite bathroom with the matching blue trim color on the vanity.

I think that's a wrap on the Southern Living Idea House. It is open until December 15 and is now decorated for Christmas. 

Thanksgiving is coming up this week and I hope y'all enjoy a good time and good food with your family and friends.

Happy Birthday to my daughter today who has caught up with me. 
We're both 39!


  1. Kim you must have been drooling all through this home. It is so your taste and decor fashion. What a gorgeous home. Happy Sunday.

  2. Try as I can, I can't find one thing about this house that I really like. The setting is beautiful though. Your home is so much nicer.

  3. Kim, thanks for sharing this beautiful home! So inspiring!

  4. I enjoyed touring the house with you. I'm not able to travel far these days because of back issues, so seeing your photos was so much fun!
    I have to admit, I got out a calculator this year to make sure I was figuring my daughter's birthday age correctly. She sure seems to be getting old. I, on the other hand, still think I'm about the same age as I was when I had her! 🤣

  5. Those custom canopies are very cool. What a neat idea!

  6. Thanks for sharing the pic of the SL idea house. Would love to tour it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Kim,
    I remember in the late 60's/early 70's I wanted a canopy bed...they were all the rage with tweens/teenagers and one of my girlfriends had one. Now, as I see these beds with canopies they don't do anything for me. I love the bedding on the iron bed but not so much the canopy. It just looks too heavy. I do love the sisal rug they used and I believe it may be the one that Ballard offers. I have been thinking about buying this rug so your pics show it well.

    I must say Kim the bedscapes you create are just (or even more) as beautiful. I think they should hire you to come and style the bedrooms!

    1. Awe, you're too kind. A designer did this whole house.

  8. The coastal room with blue trim is very a-la-Kim! Metal bed frame, bench at foot of bed, gourd lamps . . . classic perfection!

  9. My husband and I view the SL house this past weekend. It was amazing! We fell in love with the back porch and the upper "Breezeway" hall with porches at each end. I could sit and enjoy that breeze all day!!