French Country Christmas Master Bedroom


I love decking the house for the holidays and that includes the bedrooms. I have shared the two guest bedrooms and now I'm sharing my bedroom. I kept it very simple in here since I still want my room to feel cozy and relaxing. So with just a few Christmas additions this is my French country Christmas master bedroom.

If you aren't following me on instagram then you may not have seen that I replaced the mirror above my bed with this antique oil horse painting I got from my mom's house. I have always loved this painting and I'm proud to have it over my bed. 
I tried it in the dining room first over the blue buffet, but then the idea to try it over the bed popped in my head and I love it here.

Simple decor was added in here like this chunky knit stocking hanging from the bed.

Someone on instagram had mentioned an online home decor shop called Roostery which is a Spoonflower Company.  I went on the site and looked through the line of fabrics that can be made into bedding so I chose to get some pillow shams. I fell in love with this green toile which keeps this room in the green and white theme like the great room which is right outside this room.

The Merry Christmas pillow was purchased a couple of years ago from an etsy shop.

I have had this cheap garland for a few years. I found it at the Country Living Fair in Atlanta and it has been used in several different rooms over the years. I haven't seen it sold there since and I wish I had more of it. It's so lightweight and easy to use.

I finally found the perfect spot for my favorite Christmas pillow. The zipper was broken, but our drycleaning lady replaced it since I don't sew.

The green wreath around the rocking horse's neck goes with the other greens in the room and the blue goes with the antique French commode that I painted blue several months ago. 

I placed another favorite green pillow in this striped chair.

I purchased this one years ago at Scott's antique market in Atlanta. It's a beautiful green patterned velvet with the toile piece on the front.

Only new thing added to my nightstand is this gold votive and it's so pretty flickering at night.

I hope you enjoyed my Christmas bedroom tour.

It is wet and miserably cold here today, but it looks like it may be a nice weekend.
My daughter and granddaughter will be coming over to bake Christmas cookies so that will be fun!

Hope y'all have a good one and oh my, Christmas is coming up so quickly!


  1. Beautiful, as always. And that painting looks absolutely perfect there. Merry Christmas!

  2. Your master looks great with it's Christmas dressing! Love the green toile pillows.

  3. Picture is a great addition and the proportion is perfect

  4. Beautiful as always and I especially love that pointer dog pillow! The green toile pillows go so well with your bedding and look Christmasy. I know you mentioned where you purchased your iron bed from but could you tell me again. I am thinking about going back to a iron bed again and love the patina and look of yours.

  5. I have been searching on Roostery since you originally posted those shams and I just can't find them. Would you be willing to share the pattern name?

    1. Susie, I have also searched their entire site for hours and cannot find that pattern! I hope Kim will tell us.

    2. They must not have the pattern I got anymore. I don't see it anywhere.

    3. Oh! Thank you for looking. They have thousands of beautiful fabrics. Of course when you get your mind on something, nothing else measures up :) Now that I'm sure those are off the table I'll look with fresh eyes. Thanks again and thank you for sharing your beautiful home. So much inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the toile pillows Kim. The whole room is so pretty. I bet at the end of a long day it is such a sweet sanctuary to retreat too. Have a great weekend.

  7. Beautiful Kim! Love your Mom's oil painting above your bed, it really makes the room pop!

  8. Just beautiful, Kim! Love the toile pillows and your mom's oil painting. It's perfect in your room.

  9. It is beautiful, you inspire me! Its funny I decorate the guest room with some Christmas pillows but I don't do my master bedroom..I will have to change that!