Oh, January you have been a fickle month weather wise. First couple of weeks were above normal and spring like and the trees and forsythia were even blooming, but of course the cold returned. The cold temps were below normal for several days and along with the ups and downs of temperatures we have been mostly drowning in rain. We are so saturated that there is no where for the water to go when it rains now. I'm betting we get a very hot and dry summer after this wet winter.

Today I thought I would share some of my instagram shots from this month and hopefully I'm home next time the sun returns to take some photos for the blog. 

I grabbed this shot of Miss Bailey staring at me while it was pouring rain out.

This is what I mean that the rain has no where to go. I took this through the window so that's why there are lights reflecting.

The other morning I opened the shutters on the master bedroom windows and spotted this beautiful double rainbow.

New vintage Chinese wedding blanket pillow. 

Here's a peek at my new sofa. I'll try to share the sun room in a couple of days.

Loving all the texture on my bed.

A rare glimpse of the sun.

A beautiful afternoon in the master bath.

Light and shadows.

As I have said there have been many days with the lamps on and the candles just add more cozy.

My favorite antique oil painting that was my mom's.

This was a sunny morning view yesterday and by the afternoon it was cloudy again.

I shared this in my instagram stories the other day after doing the slab layout for the kitchen counter. 
Can't wait for install day next week!

I'll end with this beautiful sunrise we had a few days ago.

I'm off to the MOHS surgeon again to get two more skin cancers removed.
Be sun safe, please!!

Hope y'all have a great week!


  1. Yes, January seems to be going on forever!! Your home looks so cozy though. Good luck with the skin cancer removals.

  2. Love your home with glimpses of sunshine!! So tastefully decorated! Praying your skin surgery goes well.

  3. Oh Kim, I hope your doctors appointment goes well. Thank you for sharing these great pictures of your beautiful home. I do not have instagram so I hope I am not missing anything. I love your home , you are a fabulous decorator. I get so excited everytime I see your email in my inbox! I go to it first every time!

  4. Kim,
    Love all the new touches and cant wait to see the new sofa and countertops! I noticed you have a new linen duvet/shams on your bed that look so beautiful. I am also loving the neutral pillows on both sofas. Could you name your sources? You always seem to find the most beautiful linens and pillows and I know you buy a lot from PB.

    The temps in VA have been up and down as well. One week Spring like the next Winter again! I switched up the linens on our bed to a lighter coverlet as the heavier velvet quilt was too hot. Then it got cold again so I put a light weight down comforter in a duvet on and coupled with a lightweight blanket and it seems to be the perfect combo. Good luck with your MOHS surgery.

  5. So enjoyed seeing both the dreariness and sunshine from inside your lovely home. I do love your sofa and would like to know more about it. Thank you for inviting us inside, and may this week bring more sunshine than rain for you. My husband had a basal cell carcinoma removed from his nose a couple weeks ago with following plastic surgery and is doing remarkably well. Trusting yours won't be that invasive and that your recovery will be speedy.

  6. Weather in NJ has been terrible for two years now. No I'm not exaggerating. Clouds very little sun, moist or rain. No snow for us yet.

    Good luck today!!


  7. I thought that was a new sofa in your sunroom! Love all the neutrals and we are water-logged over here, too!

  8. Everything looks so calm and serene. Perfect for recovering from your MOHS surgery. Glad you are on top of it!

  9. Beautiful pictures, I can't wait to see the countertops in either!!

  10. KIm ? Did you install your shutters in your home? Are they Ethan Allen? And may I ask where you got your bedroom curtains?

    1. Our shutters were installed twenty three years ago by a company and the curtains are the Riviera Stripe ones from Pottery Barn.

  11. Kim, your home is just beautiful. I'm sorry about your MOHS surgery and I hope you have a speedy recovery. Like you, I am fair and burned alot when I was young. I'm fortunate that I've had clear check-ups, but the sun certainly did its damage to my face.

  12. Your countertops are going to be soooooo beautiful. Love that choice. Your bed looks so pretty and comfy. Like the horse pic over the bed. Little Miss Bailey tucked on the back of the couch is so cute.
    Have a great week.


  13. What did you use for edging your lawn in the rainbow photo?
    It looks like a wide edging of rock - correct?
    Could you post a close up photo?

    1. Yes, it's river rock. That was my husband's idea to do that in the backyard.

  14. Oh I can't wait to see the counters!! That's a pretty slab. Love the new sofa too. Hopefully the rain stops and you can enjoy shiny days ahead.