My Kitchen From the Beginning


While we are waiting for the new quartzite counters to be installed and then the tiled backsplash I thought I would share my kitchen from the beginning of blogging. I have been blogging for ten years. In fact January 29th will be my official ten year anniversary when I finally hit that publish button.
We had remodeled our kitchen a few years before I started blogging. I wish I actually had photos of the original kitchen, but those were on film. Just use your imagination and picture white linoleum floors, glossy white cabinets and white Corian counters with a blue border. Yes, I chose a border along the front of the counters. I had come from a dark galley kitchen in our first home of twenty years and I wanted light and bright in the new house. Blue, which is a favorite color, was in the wallpaper and throughout the rest of the house. Yes, the house had lots of wallpaper when we built. Everything I chose in 1995 was on trend then. 
Then the antique white cabinets with black lower or island cabinets along with granite was the huge new thing, but we had to save up for it. I was thrilled to have the cabinets painted and new granite counters and tiled backsplash installed.We paid to have the cabinets professionally painted that time, but I have been painting them since then. It was over $4000 to have them done the first time.
 The first photo below is from the first blog post where I shared my French country kitchen and you can view more here. You must see the green walls, red buffalo checked curtains in the breakfast room along with a yellow table and chairs. Yes, I used to be all about loads of color. My readers who have been with me over the years will remember the red checked curtains.

I grew tired of the sage green walls so I painted the kitchen to lighten it up in March 2011 plus the beadboard wallpaper was added to the breakfast room. You can see this reveal here.

January 2013 I was over the scratched up black cabinets so I painted them in this sagey green.
Check out the Kitchen Project Reveal post.

Oh how I used to love decorating the top of my cabinets. 

In 2014 we replaced the pot rack with this salvage piece.

In 2016 another big change took place. I also don't miss the pot rack.

I shared the new kitchen decorated for Christmas. Raising the cabinets and building in the fridge made a huge difference.

A month later I shared the kitchen details with before and afters.

A couple of months later we improved the kitchen even more with a new tile backsplash.
You can read How We Tiled Over Tile.

After the tiled backsplash was completed I shared The Kitchen Reveal Take Two.
Oh, what a difference that new backsplash made.

Last August was the last update before this new one. You can read about Mini Kitchen Reveal.

I loved the improvements, but the granite counters were just too busy for me and dark so I'm so glad new counters will be installed soon.

The template will be done on this afternoon and then I go and do a layout design appointment for the slabs on Wednesday.

Getting close!

Have an awesome week!

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  1. Oh Kim, I love this post. I cannot beleive how excited I am to follow this along. I was so excted when I saw you in my inbox. I CAN'T wait!!!!

  2. Yes, I remember it all! I have loved every stage and can't wait to see what you do next. Congrats on almost 10 years!

  3. Kim,
    I love seeing how your kitchen has evolved over the years and each time it just gets better! I didn't realize you had tiled over tile so I want to go back and look at that project because we have a similar tile that we want to tile over as well. I cant wait to see what your quartzite counters look like installed because we will be getting new counters as well. I never had wallpaper but I did do the 90's border and boy was it a job for my hubby to remove! Have a good week.

  4. Every change you make Kim is so great. Just when we think your kitchen could not be any prettier you do it again and wow us. Can't wait to see more.

  5. Love everything you do! What is your opinion on decorating over cabinets?

    1. Mary, I used to decorate the top of mine, but I think it's a cleaner look by not doing that. I also think that looks dated. I was very glad when we carried our cabinets up to the ceiling.

  6. I agree...raising the cabinets is a classic look! Timeless. Looking forward to see counter tops.

  7. Oh how I remember the jewel toned colors...large florals...been there, done that! I'm truly enjoying this new period of simplicity (or maybe it's my age LOL)!
    Can't wait to see your newest kitchen re-do. I thought your last one was great, but I'm betting we will all love the new one even more!